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woensdag 01 maart 2017

Wie in de tropische sfeer wil blijven, die neemt zeker deel aan deze wedstrijd ! "balance | crossing borders" is een internationale designwedstrijd waarin we samen met onze Cubaanse partners zoeken naar een gepaste (en brede) interpretatie van de schommelstoel. Hier vind je alvast de briefing:

The subject of this design competition refers to the famous rocking chair, one of the most common pieces of furniture in Cuban life. ‘Balance’ will be a re-interpretation of this traditional chair, representing the grace of the rocking motion. The result will evoke the interesting, ever-changing situation of Cuba in an abstract way. It will contribute to the collective idea by its form or shape, material or construction. 


The design should stand on its own, without the use of any other tool. 
The model must be documented with a technical drawing and a presentation in use (photoshop, sketch,…)
The model, just like the design itself, should be reproducible in Cuba.


Competition open for all students of ISDi, Interieur&Design Thomas More and Cujae.
Additional, for all designers graduated between 2010-2017 of these Universities or University College
The admittance is free.
You can apply individually or in group. You may submit only one entry per person or group.

All results are presented in a scale model 1:6 that will be handed over at the campus on time.
The model must be supplemented by an envelope with following documents:
Obligatory: Technical drawings on scale 1:6
                    Cut-out schemes or/and all necessary information to rebuild the model.
                    A completed and signed entry form.
Optional:  All other information such as extra drawings, sketches, text or additional.

All information must be handed in both printed and digitally in pdf, printable on A3 maximum.
All text in English.

The evaluation is anonymous, there is no indication of names on the models nor on the added drawings.
The models will be rated by a professional jury who will select the 20 best results to be in the exhibition.
The results will be shown in both countries. 
The selection of the final winners will be announced by the host countries at the exhibition. 
All selected works will be mentioned in the press-release, winners will get an international publication and certificate.
The selected pieces will take part of the exhibition. Detailed drawings must be added, ready for execution.
Both winning models will be produced at scale 1:1 for the exhibition in Cuba.
All materials that are handed in for the contest, will not be returned to the owners. 
The owner keeps the intellectual rights on its designs.


- design-brief: December 2017
- hand-in of the results: March 21 2018
- jury: March 28 2018
- exhibitions in both countries: May-June 2018